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7. Can I start up a forum on a special topic?

Can I start up a forum on a special topic?

Yes of course! Users are automatically included in groups that are relevant to their enrolled courses and modules. 

And when you are part of a specific group, you can start a new discussion thread on a new topic. 

To access your groups go to My Groups on the left side as shown below  

Upon clicking on My Groups you can see a list of all the groups you are a part of. 

You can only access groups that are relevant to the courses you have enrolled in. 

Click on a particular group to access the discussions, members, and activity feed. 

As shown below, you can see these options are mentioned clearly on the screen. 

Go to Discussions to access the discussions already existing on the group or start a new topic thread 

You can click on an existing discussion and add a new comment or reply to someone’s comment. 

And here’s what you do to start a new discussion:

1.Click on the New Discussion button as shown below and write down your discussion, add tags, and title. 

2. Click on Post and it’s up for all the other group members to see! 

Please note that the content of your discussion post must abide by the community guidelines of The Equality Network 

Here is a list of things you cannot post about:

1.Abusive language

2. Racial and homophobic slurs 

3. Offensive content that mocks, bullies, trolls another member of the group 

4. Hate speech that incites physical, sexual, or mental violence 

5. Add trigger warnings if you are posting about traumatic events such as bullying, sexual abuse, suicide, depression, etc. 


If you still any assistance with the course portal, please feel free to reach out to Bronte.

To do so, please click on the “Still Need Help” button below and by filling out the contact form. 

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