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Lillian Lyon: Celebrating Love, Inclusively

Meet Lillian Lyon

Lillian Lyon wears two significant hats: she is an authorised marriage celebrant and a compassionate funeral director. Her commitment to honouring life’s milestones – whether in joy or sorrow – drives her work. But Lillian’s journey took an inspiring turn when she embarked on a transformative path with The Equality Network.

The Challenge: Doing the Right Thing

Lillian was a member of a dynamic group of marriage celebrants who recognised the need for greater LGBTIQA+ inclusion in their wedding business. Their hearts were in the right place, but they sought guidance on how to translate good intentions into meaningful action.

A Tailored Training Journey

Lillian and her fellow celebrants enrolled in a 12-hour LGBTIQA+ inclusion training course meticulously crafted by The Equality Network. This course was designed specifically to meet the unique needs of marriage celebrants. The participants were committed to doing more than just ticking boxes—they wanted to create authentic, inclusive experiences for all couples, including those where one or both parties is LGBTIQA+.

A Shift in Perspective

As a direct result of the inclusion training, Lillian made significant changes to her marriage ceremonies. The most profound shift? Offering LGBTIQA+ couples an LGBTIQA+ wedding rather than a traditional straight wedding. This decision required a deep understanding of rituals and traditions that resonate with LGBTIQA+ couples.

The LGBTIQA+ inclusion training changed my life…. I grew up in an inclusive family, and having a lesbian sister didn’t seem like anything different than a non lesbian sister…I thought my all-encompassing love and understanding of people was enough grounding for when Marriage Equality was legislated in December 2017. I was wrong. It actually worked against me because I didn’t realise that there existed such a high degree of discrimination and ignorance in our current world. I also didn’t realise that the complexities and intricacies experienced actually varied from person to person, and not all people in the LGBTIQA+ community were just like my sister and her friends.… The Equality Network LGBTIQA+ inclusion training was an emotional personal journey which had me sitting there with a lump in my throat for most of it. For the first time, I discovered how my sister and her friends saw the world through different filters. Even when I spoke to her about the training, her response was, “Yeah sis, that’s how it is.” I cried and felt like I owed her a lifetime of apologies... The LGBTIQA+ inclusion training changed my life…. I highly recommend The Equality Network Inclusion Training for those who want to be genuine in their care when working with LGBTIQA+ individuals.

Lillian Lyon

Celebrating Love, Authentically

Lillian’s ceremonies now reflect the rich tapestry of love. She weaves together rituals that honour diverse identities, lived experiences, and expressions. From pronouns to queer cultural nuances, Lillian ensures that every couple feels valued and celebrated.

A Fundamental Business Transformation

Lillian Lyon’s journey wasn’t just about weddings; it was about fundamentally reshaping her business. She stepped away from the tried-and-tested norms and embraced a new paradigm—one where love knows no boundaries.

Together, We Celebrate Life

As Lillian Lyon continues to unite hearts in matrimony and honour lives in transition, The Equality Network stands by her side. Let us help you create spaces where love thrives, where every vow means something real, and where inclusion is the heartbeat of celebration.

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