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Our Mission

At The Equality Network, we understand that building a workplace culture of diversity and inclusion is not just a ‘tick the box’ exercise. It’s an ongoing commitment to creating a workplace where every individual – including those from the LGBTIQA+ community – feels valued, respected, and heard.

Our consulting services are tailored to meet the unique needs of workplaces across Australia. Check out how we can help your workplace shift its inclusion needle – working with a qualified professional who has lived experience as a member of the LGBTIQA+ community.

Have you found yourself  wondering?

Why you have a high turnover of LGBTIQA+ staff
Not sure how many LGBTIQA+ staff you have 
Some staff – including LGBTIQA+ staff – seem unmotivated and don’t engage at work
Why you have no openly trans or gender diverse employees
Why you don’t seem to attract a diversity of employees
LGBTIQA+ staff are not consulted about things that affect them at work
Not sure if your current LGBTIQA+ inclusion efforts aren’t tokenistic
You have a Diversity and Inclusion Committee but aren’t sure if it has LGBTIQA+ representation on it
Why your LGBTIQA+ inclusion efforts are led by cisgender, straight staff with little input by LGBTIQA+ staff
You want to do better in inclusion efforts for LGBTIQA+ employees but aren’t sure what to do
Why more LGBTIQA+ staff aren’t out at work
Not sure if your workplace is safe for LGBTIQA+ staff or not
Whether LGBTIQA+ staff feel listened to or valued

We help workplaces with:  

LGBTIQ Inclusion   Building Partnership

1. A review of HR policies, forms and processes, such as

  • recruitment and onboarding forms and processes
  • employee records
  • leave policies
  • injury and illness management procedures
  • learning and development policies
  • Performance Development Plan (PDP) processes
  • return to work plans 
  • dress code policies
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems

2. Customer engagement strategy

  • fostering relationships and catering to the diverse needs of all clients, including those from the LGBTIQA+ community.

3. Community outreach and partnerships: 

  • building bridges to diverse communities, including the LGBTIQA+ community, that can have significant impact.
LGBTIQ Inclusion Building Partnership

4. Establishing or reinvigorating a rainbow advisory group within the workplace: 

  • setting up or reigniting an authentically representative group of LGBTIQA+ staff to give them a voice on matters that affect them in the workplace.

5. Conducting a pulse survey for LGBTIQA+ employees

  • designed in collaboration with the rainbow advisory group, this survey measures cultural safety for LGBTIQA+ employees in the workplace.

6. Drafting and implementing an LGBTIQA+ inclusion action plan

  • working with the rainbow advisory group and others to draft and implement an inclusion action plan that will help shift the workplace’s LGBTIQA+ inclusion needle.

7. Making the workplace a safe space for all staff, including LGBTIQA+ employees

  • working with the rainbow advisory group and others on programs and policies that address the unique needs and concerns of the LGBTIQA+ community.

At The Equality Network, we’re committed to helping workplaces in Australia not just comply with the diversity and inclusion requirements of legislation and regulations, but exceed them. 

We know that inclusion training plays an important role in increasing the level of inclusion in workplaces. But we also know that inclusion training – by itself – is not enough to ensure your workplace continues to improve its inclusivity, year on year. 

Our tailored approach ensures that your workplace thrives by implementing a range of ongoing inclusion-building strategies and by embracing the richness of diversity. 

Let’s build a more rainbow-coloured future together. Contact us today to start your journey towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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