These Masterclasses are delivered in person with a variety of engaging activities including group workshops, discussions, teacher instruction, short videos and even a round of Bingay! We guarantee it will not be death by power-point presentation and you will have fun whilst learning. Book by sending us an email to
The Equality Network

Since 1993

The Equality Network has developed a series of educational masterclasses designed for wedding professionals who wish to learn how to cater appropriately to LTBTQ+ couples. These thought provoking master classes will provide you with an inside into LGBT history, culture, relevant statistics, correct language and same-sex wedding trends.

It is often believed that by simply place a rainbow on their website, somehow, that is meant to denote that they have instantly become gay-friendly. Granted they may get a couple of customers through their door, but those who genuinely adapt and make changes in terms of language, understanding & respect for the LGBTI community, and demonstrate their active support for the community are far more likely to see a higher demand for their services.

Our classes are taught by a member of the LGBT+ community. We do not outsource our instructors as we feel it's essential to have instructors who can answer all your questions with a huge depth of knowledge and experience of LGBT+ culture and history. Your instructor Bronte is a cis-gender, gay man who loves to delve deep into LGBT culture and history. Don’t know what cis-gender means? Maybe you should attend

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