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Need For LGBTIQ+  Inclusion Training

Create a safe work environment

Challenge unconscious biases & discrimination in the workplace  

Gain solidarity with LGBTIQ+ community

Become a good ally, and support LGBTIQ+ people in your circle

Understand your LGBTIQ+ clients

Learn LGBTIQ+ inclusive language and correct pronoun usage

Become an LGBTIQ+ friendly organisation

Build a reputation as an inclusive organisation

Online LGBTIQ+ Inclusion  Training Courses

Online training | On-demand video courses | Interactive quizzes | Online certification


Times have changed- have you? 

Face-to-Face LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training Workshops

Want to make your workplace more inclusive? Looking to address LGBTIQ+ harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace but don’t know where to begin?

The Equality Network will work with you on a face-to-face LGBTIQ+ inclusion course tailored to meet your requirements; alternatively, you may choose to do the course online.

As part of the training course, you receive the following benefits:

12 months’ membership of The Equality Network
Opportunity to connect with other businesses that are LGBTIQ+ inclusive 
Certification as an LGBTIQ+ inclusive organisation
Ongoing training to keep current with LGBTIQ+ trends and issues

An emotional journey

100% risk-free money back guarantee!

We offer a full refund to users who have purchased the course but couldn’t find the time to access it

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