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Transforming Inclusion: A Fast Food Success Story

Our Collaborative Journey

At The Equality Network, we thrive on creating positive change. Our recent partnership with a prominent group of fast food franchises exemplifies our commitment to fostering inclusivity. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey – one that would impact not only the workplace but also the broader community.

The Challenge

Our client, a well-known fast food chain, recognised the need for LGBTIQA+ inclusion training. They sought to empower their champions—12 passionate individuals within their organisation—to create a more welcoming and understanding environment. Several of these champions were openly LGBTIQA+, adding authenticity and depth to our collaboration.

The Solution: Scenario Training and Beyond

1. Scenario Training

Our inclusion training went beyond theory. We engaged participants in scenario-based exercises—real-world situations they might encounter in their work roles. These scenarios were customised to reflect their daily responsibilities, ensuring practical relevance. From handling customer interactions to internal processes, our champions learned to navigate inclusively.

2. Process and Marketing Enhancements

But our impact extended beyond the training room. Armed with newfound insights, one of the participants—a key figure in payroll management—initiated crucial changes. They updated the payroll system to collect optional information, including pronouns, preferred names, and gender identity (beyond the binary). These enhancements rippled across the entire franchise group, fostering a more respectful and personalised experience for staff.

This organisation rolled-out of the group’s queer merchandise - keyrings, beanies, lanyards, etc - to reflect what they had learnt in the inclusion training, about simple ways to appear more inclusive to LGBTIQA+ staff and customers.

Bronte Price – Inclusion Builder The Equality Network

Unexpected Outcomes

Informed Payroll System

The updated payroll system now better reflects the diverse identities of the staff. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about recognising each individual’s humanity. By accommodating pronouns and preferred names, this group of outlets honours the authentic selves of their employees.

Queer Merchandise Redesign

Another champion took the lead in revamping the group’s merchandise. Keyrings, beanies, lanyards, and more - all were redesigned to align with the group’s inclusion principles. These subtle yet powerful changes signal this organisation’s commitment to being a safe space for both staff and customers.

The Movement

The Equality Network invites other organisations to join us on this journey. Let’s create workplaces where everyone feels safe, respected, and celebrated. Reach out to The Equality Network for bespoke LGBTIQA+ training tailored to your unique context1. Together, we’ll build a world where diversity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our shared reality.

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