Discussion with Hannah Morgan about Palliative care for LGBTIQA+ patients

Discussion with Hannah Morgan about Palliative Care for LGBTIQA+ Patients

On this World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on 8th of October 2022, we get to explore the intersection of palliative care and the LGBTIQA+ community, and how progressive steps are being taken for great inclusion at the time in life when LGBTIQA+ people may need palliative care. 

The interview meanders across the following discussion areas:

  • Please tell us a little about yourself and your work with the palliative care sector
  • What is the LGBTIQA+ palliative care project?
  • What is palliative care?
  • What are the fears, issues and challenges for LGBTIQA+ people re palliative care? 
  • Are these fears etc well-founded, do you think, or are they based on assumptions and hearsay? 
  • Are the fears more pronounced in rural and regional areas, do you think? Why? 
  • What major challenges still need to be overcome in palliative care for LGBTIQA+ people? 
  • issues of mistrust on the heteronormative nature of the health care system of health care providers
  • What do you think are some of the solutions to overcome the barriers, challenges etc faced by queer people in seeking and undergoing palliative care? 
  • What are some of the most exciting initiatives you’ve seen for LGBTIQA+ people in the palliative care industry?
  • What are the first cabs off the rank? Will a diversity policy help?
  • What changes do you think could be made to alleviate the fears of palliative care for the queer community?
  • What does the initial consultation look like when it comes to talking about family support, if any?
  • Is there room for patients with no blood family to nominate friends or chosen family as next of kin to support them? 
  • In your opinion, what can be done to improve the comfort of queer patients in the palliative care setting?

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