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4. How to navigate through the course?

How to navigate through the course?

You can watch this 5 min course portal video to get acquainted with the portal.

To navigate through the course, please follow these key steps. Each course consists of multiple lessons and in each lesson you will find yourself in one of the screens as shown below.

Please note, that one must completely watch the video till the end in order to attempt the Quiz listed under “Lesson Content” on the same page as shown in the next screenshot below.

All lessons completed by you will be struck off in the left navigation menu. However, you can only proceed to any specific lesson ONLY IF you have completed the previous lesson. A lesson is only marked complete, when both the video has been completely watched and all the quiz questions have been answered.

Please click on the row with the title of the quiz to attempt the quiz after completing the lesson video as shown above.

All text questions must be answered and once you have typed in your answer, please click on the “CHECK” button to proceed.

lesson quiz flow

If it is not a text-based essay question, then the answer will be displayed on the screen.

Click on “Next” to proceed.

Once you have answered all the questions, please click on “Finish Quiz” to proceed.

The next page will show the summary of the quiz. Please click on “Click Here to Continue” to proceed to the next lesson.

That’s it. You have successfully finished one lesson of one of our courses. 

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If you still any assistance with the course portal, please feel free to reach out to me.

To do so, please click on the “Still Need Help” button below and by filling out the contact form. 

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