Should we be settling for Bridal Table, Bridal Suite and Bridal Party when viewing wedding venues?

It seems some of us are! The language some venues have used on same sex couples’ special day is cringe-worthy. From the stories we are hearing we have one piece of advice.

If the venue hasn’t thought about LGBTI couples prior to you walking through the door, then move on unless you are willing to compromise continuously throughout your wedding day.

It’s now almost eight months after the legalisation of marriage equality, enough time for wedding professionals to change their thinking, change their marketing, and not just provide the typical straight wedding package to every couple that walks through the door.

It’s your biggest day and the industry is still very much aligned with straight weddings with traditions that have not changed in hundreds of years and it’s a mold that appears to be hard for the majority to break free from.

‘Bridal’ – it may only be a word but heard repeatedly in the incorrect situation can become more than frustrating, it can become offensive. Don’t continue to use the word “bride” or “bridal” where two men are getting married.

We’ve heard of the gay couple who desperately wanted to marry at a particular wedding venue, so they accepted the fact that the wedding coordinator continually called them ‘bride and groom’ – even on their wedding day – despite being corrected several times.

The countless times we’ve heard of the venue’s wedding coordinator referring to the wedding party table as the bridal party table without even thinking twice about how inappropriate that sound when there is no bride in sight.

Or the wedding coordinator that greets the parents of one of the grooms in a same sex wedding and asks are you with the bride or groom?

Or the wedding venue manager who refers to straight couples as normal couples; and straight weddings as normal weddings.

It’s these slip-ups that can end up leaving you with steam coming out your ears and a little grey cloud hovering over your day. It’s unacceptable. And it’s lazy. Moreover, it indicates that you don’t genuinely support marriage equality.

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