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Transforming Inclusion at an Educational Institution

At The Equality Network, we believe that true progress lies in fostering and building inclusive workplaces, where every individual feels safe, heard, and valued. Our recent collaboration with an esteemed not-for-profit educational organisation exemplifies this commitment. Through LGBTIQA+ inclusion training, we empowered their staff to create a more supportive and understanding environment, particularly LGBTIQA+ staff.

The Challenge

Our client faced a common dilemma: How could they effectively support their LGBTIQA+ staff if they didn’t know how many of them existed within the organisation? Additionally, their existing Diversity and Inclusion Committee lacked momentum and wasn’t delivering any tangible outcomes.

The Solution

1. Surveying Staff Inclusivity

The LGBTIQA+ inclusion training we conducted catalysed the organisation to conduct an optional survey about gender and sexuality. Essentially, this survey aimed to gauge the number of staff members who identify as LGBTIQA+. By understanding their demographic, the organisation could tailor targeted support and programs effectively. It was a crucial move towards building a more inclusive workplace.

2. Revitalising the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The existing Diversity and Inclusion Committee needed a fresh perspective. The organisation infused new life into it by introducing LGBTIQA+ representation. Now, the committee meets regularly, fuelled by a shared commitment to inclusivity.

This was an important step as, if an organisation has no idea of how many staff are LGBTIQA+, it’s very difficult to offer support and programs to those staff that are targeted and effective.

Bronte Price – Inclusion Builder The Equality Network

Unexpected Outcomes

Informed Support

The survey results provided clarity. Armed with data, and with input from LGBTIQA+ staff, the organisation could now offer targeted support to their LGBTIQA+ staff.

Committee Transformation

The reinvigorated Diversity and Inclusion Committee became a driving force. With LGBTIQA+ voices at the table, they championed change. Regular meetings ensured sustained progress.

The impact

Through collaboration, education, and proactive steps, our client transformed their workplace. Inclusion ceased to be a buzzword—it became more of a lived reality. As the founder of The Equality Network, I am proud to witness such positive shifts. Let’s continue to create spaces where everyone belongs.

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