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Gallant Law: Enhancing Inclusivity Through Advanced Training

Gallant Law, a Melbourne-based criminal law firm worked with The Equality Network to help increase its inclusivity.

Gallant Law, a distinguished Melbourne-based criminal law firm, is committed to providing exceptional legal representation. With over 20 years of experience, their team of highly regarded legal practitioners specialises in criminal and quasi-criminal matters. From driving offences to complex sexual, homicide, and online cases, they handle a wide range of legal issues with compassion and dedication. Their Principal Lawyer, Lauren Cassimatis, is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria.

At Gallant Law, they take a holistic and family-first approach, ensuring that our clients and their loved ones feel respected and supported throughout their legal journey.

Training Workshop

Face-to-face Inclusion Training

Commitment to Inclusivity

In collaboration with The Equality Network, Gallant Law embarked on a transformative journey to enhance inclusivity within our firm. Recognising the importance of understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by the LGBTIQA+ community, we took proactive steps to create a more welcoming and informed environment.

Intensive LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Training

To achieve our goal, Gallant Law closed its doors for two half days. During this time, they rescheduled court appearances and client appointments, ensuring minimal disruption. Their entire team, including admin and paralegal staff, participated in intensive LGBTIQA+ inclusion training facilitated by Bronte.

Our team have partaken in intensive, project-based inclusion work with @theequalitynetwork, to help build safe spaces for LGBTIQA+ staff and clients and make sure everyone feel valued, respected and heard.


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Advanced Scenario Training: A Valuable Experience

The heart of our training lay in advanced scenario exercises. These scenarios were meticulously tailored to each staff member’s daily responsibilities, reflecting real-life situations encountered in criminal law. Here’s how it worked:

Customised Scenarios

Each team member received a scenario relevant to their role. These scenarios involved criminal law issues affecting LGBTIQA+ individuals.

The ‘Phone Call’

At random intervals, our staff received a ‘phone call’ from a trainer at The Equality Network. In front of their peers, they listened attentively to the issue outlined in the call.

Quick Thinking and Respectful Responses

Staff had to think swiftly and respond respectfully, simulating real-world interactions. Their performance was assessed by peers, who provided constructive feedback.

Empowering Confidence and Awareness

The scenario training proved invaluable. Their team gained comfort in handling sensitive situations in front of peers, within a safe space. Moreover, they developed a deeper understanding of the criminal law challenges faced by LGBTIQA+ clients. As a result, their staff now feels more confident and competent in addressing these issues effectively.

At Gallant Law, they remain committed to fostering an inclusive legal practice—one that not only upholds the law but also embraces diversity and empathy. They are proud to be considered one of the best law firms in Melbourne, Geelong, Warrnambool, and beyond.

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