The OPD and Celebrants

There has been feedback amongst celebrants about whether LGBTI training would be a part of the OPD. The simple fact is there is no training included in OPD that caters specifically for the LGBTI community, at this point in time. The industry is still catching up and hence why The Equality Network led by LGBTI people has created these masterclasses which we deliver at a time when it’s needed.

Whilst the future may hold some form of training, same-sex marriage is legal now and over the coming years this training could lead you to booking far more same-sex weddings than you may have anticipated.

If you decided you wanted to work in a new industry,
wouldn’t you want to know all the information about your profession, so you can cater correctly to your clients?


The OPD may, in the future allow for some elective training regarding same-sex couples, that we are somewhat confident of but, when will this happen? It’s a good question and one we don’t have an answer for at this point in time.


How informative will the content be from an OPD provider? Through talks we somewhat have an idea that it would be an elective OPD unit. Elective units may only cover how it affects the Monitum and some statistics. Statistics might l add, that are very thin on the ground at the moment because we are at the forefront of same-sex weddings. But will it cover Transgender weddings? Will it cover the expectations of same-sex couples? Will it cover stereotypes and assumptions?


The OPD may incorporate some form of training in the future but will it be delivered by a member of the LGBTI community? Could you ask the teacher any question relating to LGBTI issues or history and expect the correct answer? It’s another great question! Would you attend a seminar about aboriginal lifestyle in the NT if they have never been there nor lived in the environment?

Whilst it would be great that the OPD delivers some form of training for celebrants in the future it’s unlikely it will cover the following which we feel quite passionate about in terms of really understanding the LGBTI community:

  • MasterClass #1 LGBTI history, terminology, expectations of LGBTI couples
  • MasterClass #2 Stereotypes, assumptions, barriers, getting language right
  • MasterClass #3 Same-sex couples data, same sex weddings, marketing tips
  • MasterClass #4 Targeting same-sex couples, how to be LGBTI-friendly

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