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Masterclasses – What Will I Learn?

These Masterclasses are delivered in person with a variety of engaging activities including group workshops, discussions, teacher instruction, short videos and even a round of Bingay! We guarantee it will not be death by power-point presentation and you will have fun whilst learning.

Every Masterclass is taught by a long-standing member of the LGBT+ community with a background in training. We do not outsource these workshops as we feel it's essential to have instructors who can answer all your questions with a huge depth of knowledge and experience of LGBT+ culture and history.

The Masterclasses cover a wide range of topics including:

  • LGBT+ history and the fight for civil rights
  • The legislative framework
  • Current Australian statistics on same sex couples
  • The correct use of language and terminology
  • Differences between same-sex and hetero-sexual weddings


Who Should Attend?

Anyone can attend the courses, but we especially encourage those who work within the wedding industry with figures and statistics within the course are wedding specific.

Here are a few of questions for you:

  • How have you adapted your wedding services for same-sex weddings?
  • Have you worked with a same-sex couple?
  • Do you know what gender-fluid means?
  • Did you know same-sex couples cannot register their relationship in WA?
  • Did you know that Stonewall was not the first gay-uprising event?
  • Have you ever heard of Harvey Milk?

If you answered no to all, of the above questions, then this course is built for you.



The courses are delivered in small groups around Australia.
We can come to you, at your venue to train your entire staff (during the cold wintry off-season) or you can sign up to one of our Masterclasses that's scheduled for your area. We instruct at same-sex supportive venues and yes, we are on the hunt for small venues in your area.

The cost of the entire day is $375 per person with a limited number of 15 attendees. If you are interested please contact

Masterclass Booking Information

Just click the button to the right to send us a message and we will give you a call back shortly.