We’re planning on holding the Masterclass in Sydney & Melbourne in the first quarter of 2020. No date has been selected as yet.
The planned content is: 
Masterclass 1 – 8:30am – 12:30pm

  • Safe space + You Can’t Ask That – questions you have always wanted to ask
  • Unravelling the LGBTI+ acronym
  • Gender revolution – gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation
  • How’s your gaydar?
  • Language – appropriate (and offensive) words and terminology
  • Activity: a guided fantasy – walk in our shoes
  • First impressions and assumptions – how to avoid making mistakes when dealing with LGBTI+ couples planning their wedding
  • Differences between straight and LGBTI+ weddings
  • Practical marketing tips to make your venue LGBTI+ friendly

Masterclass 2 –  1:00 pm –  4:30 pm 

  • Why marriage equality is so important in the broader fight towards equality
  • ‘Same-sex couples’ data from the Census 2016 – numbers, income, location
  • Expectations of LGBTI+ couples planning their wedding
  • How to avoid Pink Washing and defining the Pink Dollar
  • Things to avoid asking / saying when dealing with LGBTI+ couples planning their wedding
  • Language – use of pronouns – what they are and why they’re so important
  • Activity: Rites of Passage
  • Targeting same-sex couples with effective marketing
  • What sorts of marketing don’t work so well for LGBTI+ couples?
  • Advanced marketing tips – branding, reputable businesses, community credibility

The cost of the entire day is $375 per person with a limited number of 15 attendees. If you are interested please contact yes@theequalitynetwork.com.au