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M4IN-Be a Better LGBTIQ+ Ally (For Individuals)

Take the first step to becoming a better LGBTIQ+ ally. Let’s unpack the LGBTIQ+ acronym, understand correct pronoun usage and learn about inclusive language!
Bronte · 24/07/2021

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What You'll learn

  • Explaining the terms “in the closet” and “coming out”.
  • The meaning of the bits of the LGBTIQ+ acronym.
  • Explaining terms such as intersex, non-binary, polyamorous etc.
  • Understanding correct pronoun usage.
  • Symbols, signs, and flags used in the LGBTIQ+ community. 
  • Becoming a better ally to LGBTIQ+ people. 
  • Dos and don’ts of interacting with members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Prerequisite- You must complete Module 3 course – “M3-Understanding LGBTIQ+ Fears & Struggles before taking this course. 

Who Can Take This Course?

➢ Parents and friends of LGBTIQ+ people of all ages
➢ School teachers, sports mates work colleagues who want to be good allies of LGBTIQ+ people
➢ Anyone who wants to learn more about the LGBTIQ+ community!

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Course Description

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So, a close friend or family member has recently come out to you and you don’t know how to respond?

Or maybe you have a colleague at your workplace who’s bullied because of their orientation and you want to help but don’t know how? 

And what does “coming out of the closet” really mean? 

This course is for all such confused allies who want to show their support but fear accidentally offending or hurting their loved one in the process. 

Bronte covers some basic concepts and aspects of the LGBTIQ+ community. He then goes on to explain the LGBTIQ+ acronym, defining each term and what it signifies. 

Bronte also focuses on using inclusive language, addressing someone with their preferred pronouns to show respect and solidarity with your LGBTIQ+ friend/family/colleague 

Here, you’ll learn:

  • What “in the closet” and “coming out” means. 
  • The difference between sex, gender identity and sexuality.
  • The meaning of the LGBTIQ+ acronym.
  • The meaning of other terms such as non-binary, asexual, polyamorous, etc. 
  • Why pronouns are so important for LGBTIQ+ people. 
  • How to inquire about a person’s pronouns and their sexual orientation.
  • Some common fears/concerns that you might have about your loved one who’s come out?
  • What else you can do to show your support.

About Instructor


I’m Bronte Price, a full-time male marriage and funeral celebrant. In my spare time, I’m a qualified trainer, veggie gardener, foodie, and piano player. I married my husband, Clint, in April 2019 – it was the best day of our lives! It was both exciting and fascinating planning our own wedding “from the other side” and it gave me a great insight into what couples go through in the leadup to their special day. The whole experience made me a better celebrant! Clint and I are parents to our beloved rescue kelpie, Bingo, aged five. Most Sunday afternoons will find us at DTs, in Richmond, one of Melbourne’s iconic gay pubs, catching up with our close mates. As a former senior executive in state and local government (most recently as Assistant Director Data Analytics with the Victorian Ombudsman), I’ve picked up some pretty useful skills that I’ve been able to put into practice as a celebrant.

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